Alexander De Croo supports #getcheckedearly campaign

11 september 2022

Raise #awareness among young people about #earlydiagnosis of #breastcancer , #testicularcancer and #sarcoma to #savelives.

    The aim of our #getcheckedearly campaigns is clear, says Professor Dr Ahmad Awada, chair of the board of All.Can Belgium: “to raise #awareness among young people about #earlydiagnosis of #breastcancer , #testicularcancer and #sarcoma to #savelives.”

    “To achieve this goal, it is essential to use all modern means of communication to make the awareness campaign a success.”
    We are grateful to our prime minister Alexander De Croo for his support. Together we can close the gaps and bring more #efficiency to all aspects of #cancercare , starting with a timely diagnosis.

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